Eco-Chic: Dress, Eat, Play, Live Environmentally Friendly


Often when you hear the words “eco-friendly” a vision of hippies selling unflattering hemp clothing comes to mind. But you can be eco-friendly and be O So Chic ! Many new businesses are providing the same great services you love, while doing their part to protect the environment. By patronizing their services you can be eco-friendly and eco-chic!

Eco-Friendly Eating at Habana Outpost

There are three Habana Eateries in NYC: Cafe Habana, Habana to Go, and Habana Outpost. Located in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn, Habana Outpost is NYC’s first solar powered, eco-eatery. The restaurant serves a delicious blend of Cuban and Central-American cuisine made in the outdoor food truck, in spaces designed to inflict limited environmental strain.

According to the Habana Outpost website:
Eco-Eateries are restaurants that use earth-friendly practices in their design, construction, and day-to-day operations. Habana Outpost aims to reduce wasteful consumption and promote sustainable solutions.

Habana Outpost also doubles as a community center. On weekends local vendors sell their unique wares at a flea market in the restaurant’s garden. Visit to find out more about the Habana Eateries and the many events they will host during the Spring and Summer.

Eco-Friendly Fashion by Carasan

Many clothing designers are also becoming eco-friendly. On Earth Day, several designers participated in Earth Night, an Eco-Friendly Fashion Show held in the Garden at the Park.
Carasan is created by Brooklyn based designers Terri and Cassandra Rosenthal. The mother and daughter are dedicated to producing eco-friendly clothing. According to their myspace Carasan is:
committed to designing a collection of beautiful garments that are limited in production so as not to over produce more than the consumer will ever use or buy. They are also committed to not using sweatshops and have added more and more eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics and yarns in each of their collections. Eco-friendly to Carasan is more then just sustainable materials. It is also about not overproducing and humane and fair working conditions for workers.

Find out more about Carasan at or

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