Chic Vacation Week: J-A-M Jamaica!!!


Summer means nice weather, cookouts, outdoor concerts, and of course VACATION. For those of you who haven’t already made travel plans, check back all week to see O So Chic ! vacation destinations.

First Stop: JAMAICA!!!

In the 90s, the Jamaica Tourism Board featured Bob Marley’s “One Love” in their ad campaign depicting Jamaica as a Caribbean Paradise. The commercials ended with people singing “Come to Jamaica and feel alright.” While we can’t promise that you’ll find yourself a Pretty Young Thang like Angela Bassett did in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, we can say that a week on Jamaica’s crystal clear beaches is a great vacation. There are so many things to do and places to visit on this island, so for the purpose of brevity, we will focus on popular tourist area, Negril.

Things to do in Negril:

Cliff Dive at Ricks Cafe

Even if you’re not the daredevil type, a trip to Ricks Cafe is still a must. Take the “Big Plunge” or dive from one of the lower banks, or stand on the sides and take pictures for your friends. You’re sure to see a good show from the acrobats who perform amazing feats from the post high above the water. Indulge in food and drinks at the bar after you’ve taken the plunge.

Go Snorkeling and check out the coral reefs

Be sure to bring an underwater camera with you to capture the coral reefs. This is one of the most relaxing things you can do in the water. Honestly, the scariest part is jumping into the water from the boat, but no worries, your life vest will bring you back to the surface. Be careful not to get water into the breathing tube.

Go Jetskiing

There are lots of water sports to keep you busy in Negril. Visit one of the beach front businesses and schedule a time to fulfill your need for speed. If you’re not quite ready to venture out on your own, have one of the attendants take you for a test run so you can get used to the feel of the water under your seat.

Party at the local night spot

Fun times were had by all at the Jungle night club. Enjoy the rum punch and watch and learn as the locals showcase all of the latest dance moves.

And of course, peruse the tourist traps

Waste an evening away at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. The drinks are great and the picnic table style seating makes it easy to meet other tourists.

Wherever you go you should try out the local cuisine. You can find jerk chicken just about everywhere. And we had the best beef patty ever (freshly baked with succulent cuts of beef) at a local restaurant. Above all, relax.

It’s Jamaica, No Problem!

What are your favorite or dream vacation destinations? Leave a comment and let fellow O So Chic ! readers know why your pick should be their next Chic Vacation.

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