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After releasing three successful studio albums, neo-soul singer Maxwell, disappeared from the limelight. This year, he returns to the scene with a tour and the album Black, the first the Black Summers’ Night trilogy. And his fans couldn’t be more happy.

With songs like “Lifetime”, “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever”, and “This Woman’s Work”, Maxwell became known for his sexy, sultry, love-making music. His debut album Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite was nominated for a Grammy award, and his subsequent albums were met with critical acclaim. His appearance at the 2008 BET awards was a pleasant surprise, and fans were excited to hear his performance of “Simply Beautiful.”

O So Chic caught up with Maxwell for a few moments to find out where he’s been and what he’s been up to since we’ve seen him last. Here’s what he had to say.

O So Chic: It’s good to see you back out again! Tell us about the tour.

Maxwell: The tour is like the first disc on the trilogy so the tour start of themes out on that album. And I think it’s a good feeling right now. I’m amazed.

O So Chic: What kept you away so long? Your fans have been anxious.

Maxwell: I didn’t mean to do that. I just want to apologize to the fans. I never even use the word fan. I say the people who listen to what I do. Nothing personal at all. I just needed to get life under my belt again, so I can get out there for the next six years. You know how that works.

Maxwell – Pretty Wings

O So Chic: When does the album come out?

Maxwell: Right at the end of the tour. The tour is a way to celebrate the album. I wanted to take it Motown style a little bit and go out on the road like they used to do. They didn’t wait for an album to do a certain thing or not, they went on the road and they brought it to the people so that’s the essence of what we’re doing right now.

O So Chic: And what can we expect on this album?

Maxwell: You know, a lot of love-making music. I’ll tell you that! We got some stuff for you to clean the kitchen with on Sunday, and you know, have breakfast, but a lot of love music. Baby-making, or non baby-making music, depending on what your situation is.

We certainly can’t wait for the new album. Check out Maxwell on Myspace for a full list of tour dates, and a snippet of a the song “Pretty Wings” from the new album.

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