Rain Boots


Rain boots are definitely an example of functional fashion. With the beating New York City took from the rain yesterday, owning a pair of rain boots would’ve been the perfect way to keep your feet dry, and add a little flair to your rainy day fashion.

I love rain boots. In bright colors and funky prints, a pair of rain boots can brighten up your disposition, even if the weather is gloomy. I generally make it a rule to stay indoors if its raining and I don’t NEED to be outside. A good douse of rain, and my entire plans for the day can change. Melanie says I act like the Wicked Witch of the West when it comes to rain. While I don’t think I’ll melt if I get wet, I’d just rather not walk around in damp clothes.

If I do venture outside in the rain, rain boots are essential. I just realized my fire red rain boots, just like those Paddington Bear wore, have a hole, so I need to get a new pair (maybe some bright yellow ones). Here are a few O So Chic picks for you. Be sure to get a pair soon, you don’t want to get caught in the rain without them. Nobody likes having soggy feet all day.

1. Zetta Tall Rainboots Purple $24.99, (target.com)
2. Eddie Bauer Rubber Rain Boots, $39.50 (eddiebauer.com)
3. Striped Rain Boots, $45 (gap.com)
4. Chooka Fab Plai Rain Boots in Plaid, $90 (shopintuition.com)
5. DKNY Gwendolyn Quilted Rainboot, $188 (shopbop.com)
6. Fendi Rain Boot Yellow, $210 (barneys.com)

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