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Fashion is not just the clothes that you wear. It starts from the crown of your head and goes to the soles of your feet, and your nails are no exception. Having a perfectly manicured hand and prettily painted toes can be the difference between looking chic or shabby. That’s the theory behind Minx nails, the newest craze in nail design.

Though the New York Times claimed that chipped polish was the newest trend in nail design last Summer, the Beauty Editor at my old job completely shut that thought process down when I’d come in to work with chipped nails. (In my defense it was busy week. I’d bought a bottle of remover during my lunch break and was planning to redo my mani that night. Plus, the New York Times had given chipped nails the stamp of approval, so I didn’t think it was that bad). After the Beauty Editor called me out on my chipped mani, I never made that mistake again. For busy fashionistas maintaining a manicure can be tough, but the Minx technique aims to cut down on the application time and upkeep.

Trendsetters Beyonce, Solange, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have all gotten “Minxed.” nail designs. The solid nail coatings are applied through a heat technique, which means no drying time is necessary. Since there is no reason to dry them, there is no likely of getting them smudged (I can hardly ever sit still long enough to let the paint dry on my nails). They also won’t chip so you don’t have to worry about your boss calling you out on a messy manicure.

The Minx process is done in select locations across the country. The designs are a great way to assert your personality (Rihanna and Solange showed their political preferences during the campaign by getting pictures of President Obama on their nails) and the official Minx website even promises custom Minx designs in the future. It costs $55-$80 to get the technique done. You can find out more at the company’s official website, MinxNails.com.

Would you “get Minxed?”

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  1. I want Minx!

  2. i enjoyed nice, good, entertaining

  3. Samantha Sweet says:

    As the UK distributor for Minx (that's England, Scotland, Wales, NI etc)… I can tell you it has gone CRAZY over here and was just seen on our breakfast program too.

    British women love Minx especially on toes.. the no drying / no smudge factor is huge!! Loved the article!

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