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Spring is here and with the season comes lots of fun, fashionable events. Last night O So Chic attended the launch party. Complimentary cocktails, a photo booth, hot new music, and live tweets from June Ambrose, ensured that a good time was had by all. is a social networking site that brings the Rocawear clothing line into the digital world, making it a true lifestyle brand. Its launch also coincides with the 10th anniversary of Rocawear. The party was held at the uber-chic, eco-friendly nightclub, Greenhouse and was attended by some of NYC most fashionable people. On the scene to ensure that people were looking their best (and to issue citations if they weren’t) was June Ambrose. The celebrity stylist “RocTweeted” fashion hits and misses live from the party. If you don’t follow June Ambrose on Twitter, you better get to it. Here are some of our favorite tweets from her from last night.

The launch was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka, which provided the complimentary cocktails (we love sponsored affairs, yes we do). The party really started when the DJ played Souja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On.” It was then that the crowd, made up of NYC scenesters, Giant Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief- Emil Wilbekin, Ashlie, Briana and Pierre of Harlem Heights, really got hype. Finally, people put their glasses down, stopped chit-chatting, and started to party (a few even got on top of the couches in VIP).

All in all, we had a fun night. The ease of entry and cool crowd really made up for the faux pas of the night before when we headed to Pink Elephant only to be turned away from Keri Hilson’s album release party, which we will forever refer to as Kerigate from here on out. (Remember that night we stood out in the cold and didn’t get into that party? OH YEAH! Kerigate!) At Kerigate there was mass confusion at the door and rude bouncers turned people away claiming the venue was at capacity (not so chic at all). We should’ve known something was up, everyone was auto-confirmed and got a plus one. Kudos to the and Greenhouse people for quality crowd control.

Since you can never be too connected these days, log on to for “the life you Roc: News, Fashion, Culture, Rocawear.” And make sure to follow the fabulous June Ambrose at for the hottest style updates.

P.S. O So Chic is on Twitter too. You can follow us at

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  1. That is such a good idea, social media with chic products, as was the launch party. If only we had a sales & finance director as knowledgeable!

  2. Eb the Celeb says:

    That event was the best industry event I’ve been to in a loooooooonnggggg time. yeah I got turned away at the Keri joint too so I wasn’t too optimistic that things would run so smooth the following night. Rocafella really stepped up the game with this one. No one wanted to leave… they were damn near kicking everyone out at 10. GREAT TIMES!

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