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For most people, their cell phone is their right hand man. With some phones functioning as mini computers, they are even more precious & admired. Like any relationship, you may need to add a little oomph to keep the spark between you & your phone alive. The cheapest way to do this, besides downloading free applications, is to adorn your phone. Cases, covers & skins are not only fashionable additions, but protect your phone as well. Summer’s officially here and what better time to add some color & excitement to your BlackBerry or iPhone “wardrobe.”
iPhone row: Sparkling Sequin Case, $10.95; Paul Frank Julius Hearts Silicone Case, $29.95; Case-Mate iPhone 3G/3GS Tiki Case, $19.99; Arkitip – Steve Harrington Case, $49.95
BlackBerry row: BlackBerry Curve 8310 Purple Silicone Skin Case, $3.98; BlackBerry Storm 9530 Illusion Zebra Cover, 12.99; BlackBerry Storm 9530 Blue Check Cover, $9.99; Lime Green Rubber Skin Case for 8300, $2.68

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