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If you ask any pop artist about who influenced them, one name is almost guaranteed. Ask any person on the street about their favorite entertainer & “The Gloved One” is sure to be mentioned. Yesterday, Michael Jackson, arguably the greatest entertainer of all time, passed away. Once the shining, child star of his family band — the Jackson 5 — Michael eventually branched out on his own, evolving into the King of Pop.

Jackson 5
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The Gary, Indiana native’s popularity had no borders. He became an international sensation whose mere presence caused widespread hysteria and fainting fans. His sixth, solo album, “Thriller” holds the Guinness record for the most successful album of all time, with over 100 million sold worldwide. The album’s namesake lead single & much anticipated video/short-film, ushered in a new era for both music videos and Black artists on MTV.

• • Thriller • •

Throughout his 40 years in the industry, Michael Jackson received countless awards for his contribution to music. However, his contributions didn’t end there. While providing entertainment, Jackson’s songs also shed light on pressing, everyday issues. “Black or White” promoted racial harmony while “Gone Too Soon” was dedicated to the memory of AIDS victim, Ryan White. Jackson used his fame, fortune & humanitarian spirit to give back. “We Are the World” & “Heal the World” weren’t just songs written, produced & performed by Jackson. These songs transformed into charitable efforts & foundations to aid the poor in the US & Africa & to improve the well-being of those around the world, especially the abused & downtrodden. For his work, Jackson received countless accolades from international organizations to U.S Presidents.
• • We Are the World • •

Despite controversies & being out of the spotlight over the past few years, Michael’s fan base never waned. Adoring fans of all ages, still camped out in front of his residence, hoping to get even a glimpse of the megastar. Michael Jackson was not just a great performer. He’s a legend, an icon & musical genius that influenced baby boomers, their children & grandchildren alike. His music brought people from all walks of life together and his legacy will surely live on.

What are your fondest memories of Michael Jackson?

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