Chic Trends: Get Buzzed


While waves, braids, bangs, bowls, and bobs were sweet hair trends at the start of summer, edgy cuts have taken over the tail end of the season. The newest trend in women’s hair is the buzz cut.

I’m not talking your brother’s haircut either. The women who’ve gotten buzzed have taken the guys’ hair style and amped it up a notch. Cassie and La La Vasquez have both taken razors to one side of their heads (Vasquez even shaved two lines into hers) while the rest of their locs graze their shoulders. Style maven Rihanna took it one step further, shaving both sides of her already short cut, giving her a sort of feathered Mohawk. And newly signed Ford Model Amber Rose was seen sporting the traditional male buzz cut in a blue-green shade, a change from her signature bleach blond look.

This buzzed look is definitely an attention grabber but think carefully before you sit in the barber’s chair. With a cut that low there’s not much you can do to change it if you aren’t satisfied with the new look. Will you be getting buzzed this summer?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hell No lol its nice to look at

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