Chic Trends: Tie-Dye Denim


Balmain, Spring/Summer 2009

Ripped and frayed jeans set off the distressed denim trend that’s become so popular amongst young fashionistas this Summer. If that weren’t enough, Hollywood starlets are now jumping aboard a new trend- bleached denim, better known as tie-dyed jeans.

Remember when I said I was cool with old trends, such as hippie headbands, coming back, as long as tie-dye pants stayed in the past? Well, stick a fork in me because I’m done! Tie-dye pants reappeared on the Balmain runway in September and have now been spotted on the likes of Rihanna (J Brand),Gwen Stefani (Current/Elliot)and Victoria Beckham (Balmain). Fergie and Ciara, who wore a pair to the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” premiere, are also fans of the style.

While I did say I’d rather this trend stay in the past, I’ll admit I’ve tried it before. I wrapped some string around a pair of jeans, soaked them in bleach and water, and then cut slashes in them. (In my defense it was the year 2000 and I was inspired by Lil Kim’s jeans in the in the No Matter video. I was young, I didn’t know any better). They only made one public appearance- the West Indian American Day Carnival, where eye catching costumes are par for the course. FYI they looked a hot mess, and somewhere between the slashing and bleaching, the snug fitting jeans became VERY baggy. My advice: be very careful before you take a bottle of bleach to your favorite pair of jeans.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type you can definitely find the jeans in stores. Take a cue from Rihanna and Ciara and keep the rest of your outfit simple, pairing the jeans with a loose fitting tank, or a tee shirt and blazer. Keep your footwear basic too, a pair of pumps will suffice.

Charley 5.0 Tie-Dye Denim Leggings, $165 (; Xhiliaration Skinny Denim Joplin Tie Dye, $24.99 (; J-Brand 912 Low Rise Pencil Leg in oz, $198 (; Divine Rights of Denim Tie Dye Skinny Jeans, $65 (

What do you think of tie-dyed denim? Chic or not so chic?

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  1. My Fashion Frenzy says:

    Hm, on the fence with this trend :/

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