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“Who does she think she is, Madonna?” someone asked after a picture of Lady Gaga in one of her outrageous outfits made it on to the cover of an issue of WWD. With her latest effort, The Fame Monster, Gaga will undoubtedly draw more comparisons to the Queen of Pop, but make no mistake this effort is a peek into the Haus of Gaga and no one else.

Rated M for monster in the preview video, the eight track EP finds Gaga battling the demons that have plagued her since she shot to stardom with her 2008 release, The Fame. The new record picks up where The Fame left off, with Gaga losing her heart and her head on the dance floor. The tracks were initially intended to be packaged along with The Fame as a rerelease. However, Gaga fought for them to be released as a stand alone work, thus The Fame Monster, a dance record that could be straight out of the electropop era of the 80s and early 90s, was born.

The first single, Bad Romance, has Gaga in the middle of a dysfunctional relationship. Love and revenge are all up for grabs on this track, with Gaga singing “I want your love” in French and screaming “I’m a freak b*tch,” throughout the song. Ever the fashionista, the video finds Gaga fighting off a gaggle of girls and posing in pieces from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection.

The next track, Alejandro, sounds like an update on Madonna’s 1987 hit, La Isla Bonita. Where Madonna dreamed of an island where “a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl,” Gaga is running from the intimacy monster, rejecting the Latin Lotharios trying to win her affections.

Gaga loses the battle with her demons on Monster. With it’s extremely relatable bridge – “I asked my girlfriend if she’d seen you round before” – and uptempo beat, you can just imagine Gaga being swept off under the flashing lights and ending up at home with a cute guy.

The quick paced album slows only once for Speechless. Gaga’s promise to never love again is backed up by a driving electric guitar reminiscent of Aerosmith’s Crazy on this rock ballad.

In possibly her most audacious song of all, Dance in the Dark, the first words out of Gaga’s mouth are, “Silicone, Saline, Poison, Inject me. Baby, I’m a free b*tch. I’m a free b*tch.” She addresses the nuances of female sexuality – “she looks good but her boyfriend says she’s a tramp” – on the highly synthesized track. It’s also on this song that she pulls another trick from Madonna’s hat. In “Vogue” Madonna recalls deceased starlets Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly and Jean Harlow. Gaga remembers embattled stars of the 50s and 60s -Marilyn Monroe, Sylvia Plath and Judy Garland. She also mentions Princess Diana and Jon Benet Ramsey, the slain child beauty queen. Who else but Gaga would be bold enough to do such a thing on a pop song?

Notable Lady Gaga Looks

In Telephone Gaga lets a jealous lover have it for trying to compete with the music in the club.“Just a second it’s my favorite song they’re gonna play and I cannot text you with a drink in my hand. You should’ve made some plans with me you knew that I was free, and now you won’t stop calling me I’m kinda busy.” Returning the favor Lady Gaga made by appearing on her song Video Phone, Beyonce makes emerges to further lay into the man who dares interrupt the girls’ night on the town. “Boy the way you blowing up my phone won’t make me leave no faster, put my coat on faster, leave my girls no faster,” sings Bey before both ladies cut the phones off and return to sipping their bub.

For Gaga lovers, this EP doesn’t disappoint as the singer/songwriter takes you along with her for one night of drinking and dancing. For those new to the Haus of Gaga, the Fame Monster is a good introduction to the world of Gaga, over the top as is may be.

The Fame Monster hits stores today, November 23, 2009, and her tour The Monster Ball tour kicks off on Friday, November 27, 2009.

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  1. Listened to the whole album yesterday. Did I like Fame Monster? Yes. But do I love it? Eh, not sure. I think the standout tracks are Bad Romance, Telephone…and one other that I can't remember off the top of my head. Maybe it will take some time to love all of the songs, but I still love Lady Gaga.

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