…A Few of My Favorite Things 2009 (Melanie’s List)

This year, a few things have made me say “I love my …”

YSL Elle perfume trumped my love for J’Adore Dior and $1 fuchsia lipstick has completed many looks in 2009. Chinese Laundry platforms let me prance, leap, run and dance for hours on end without uttering a single complaint and the cute Hello Kitty Card makes shopping a little more chic. My favorite Dior shades make me look forward to sunny days and the app laden iPhone is great when it comes to getting work done in transit and tuning out the world. Last but not least, one of my favorite things is my membership in the Mac club. I’ve forgotten all about my…….what was I using again?? :-)
…These are a few of my favorite things…

YSL “Elle” Eau De Parfum, $61-$109 (Yves Saint Laurent); Hello Kitty Debit Card (Bank of America); Chinese Laundry “Bounty” Gladiator Platforms, $92-$116 (Zappos); Wet ‘n Wild Lipstick – 521A Fuchsia w/ Blue Pearl , $1.29 (Drugstore.com); Dior 60’s 1 Sunglasses, $290 (Bergdorf Goodman); MacBook (Apple); iPhone (Apple);

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