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Some weeks ago, O So Chic received an assortment of Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes and was invited to give feedback on the collection. As someone who endures the tedious task of applying lashes once in a while, I was excited about trying out these lashes. The Revlon package included standard kits with glue-on eyelashes as well as self-adhesive ones. I’m a self-adhesive newbie so I tried those out first.

Each self-adhesive set included a pair of lashes and an extra pair of adhesive strips for extended wear. (The self-adhesive strips are latex free). Following the instructions, I applied the “Defining” #501-s lashes with no hassle. I did find, however, that the adhesive was extremely sticky and if improperly handled, you may spend some time separating the lashes from the band. On the flip side, a sticky lashband translated into a more secure & lasting hold for me. I test drove the self-adhesives out on a long night out on the town & the lashes were still in place when it was time to remove them. The adhesive was black — a better alternative to the “clear” glue that sometimes dries to an unsightly white finish.  With the black adhesive, I had the option to forego the eyeliner step many people use to cover up lash bands & glue. There was no drying time or pressing the lashes to my natural lash line hoping that the falsies would stick. It was pretty much an effortless application.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes in DEFINING

Next up was the “Flirty” #503 lash kit which included the standard white glue. It was fairly simple to apply and eyeliner was added before and after to cover up the lashband and any glue. The lashes stayed in place & no lifting occurred. I did notice that the glue did not dry as clear as I would have liked and I had to double up on the eyeliner to cover up “white spots.” The fact that there even was a tube of glue, that would last for several applications, was convenient.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes in FLIRTY
The verdict: I like this collection of eyelashes. The self-adhesives are great for false lash novices and those who want a quick, no mess application. Although I tend to gravitate towards fuller lashes, these Fantasy Length Lashes give great length & eye definition while maintaining a natural appearance.
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Eyelashes are available in many drugstores and average around $4.

**The eyelashes were given to me with the option to provide feedback. I received no additional compensation. The above review is my honest opinion of the product.

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