ESSENCE and Johnson’s Baby Oil present What’s Your Beauty Secret?


“Manicures and massages are the only way to start out a Saturday,” said the fabulous Mikki Taylor, former Beauty and Cover Director of ESSENCE magazine, as she kicked off “What’s Your Beauty Secret?” a beauty panel event hosted by ESSENCE and Johnson’s Baby Oil.

“What’s Your Beauty Secret?” was held at the W Hotel in Union Square. In addition to the manicures and massages, guests got to hear beauty advice from celebrity makeup artists Sam Fine and Tia Dantzler, dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, and Lisa Wu Hartwell, cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Here are a few beauty tips and tricks from the event:

1.  Cleansing, treating and protecting are the three essential steps in a healthy skincare routine.

2.  Be sure to use a moisturizer with SPF. Not only does SPF protect against skin cancer, it also helps to keep your complexion even.

3.  Work from the inside with prepackaged biotin complex vitamins, which stimulate healthy hair, skin and nails.

4.  Mix baby oil gel with bronzer for the appearance of glowing skin.

5.  Fluorescent makeup doesn’t work on everyone. However, you can incorporate bold colors into your look through the use of neon nail polish. (So true! I don’t use tons of color on my face, but neon orange nail polish is one of my favorite colors for the summer.)

6.  You must give new products at least 1 month to work. Some people expect overnight changes, but things take time.

7.  Change your beauty regimen and foundation with the season. 

8.  Drink water.

9.  Get sleep.

10.  Be confident! 

So readers, what’s your beauty secret?

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  1. My "secret" is blush and bronzer. They add a subtle warmth and glow to EVERY complexion and take only 2 seconds to apply for a fresh-faced look.

  2. I totally agree. Blush/bronzer duos really are must-haves.

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