Lady Gaga and Beyonce Telephone Video


What do you get when you mix two of the world’s biggest pop stars, prison, a roadside diner and Kill Bill? Well, the answer is the highly anticipated video for Telephone, Lady Gaga’s single featuring Beyonce. Lady Gaga never ceases to shock and awe and with the help of director Jonas Akerlund the singer took the fun, dance track and gave it some edge. Who would’ve ever thought they’d see Beyonce and a reference to Kill Bill’s assassin Beatrix Kiddo in the same video? I love that Gaga got Beyonce to give her “good girl” image a rest for a few minutes.

Since Lady Gaga and Beyonce are two of our favorite fashionistas there’s no surprise that the styling is just phenomenal. I’m not a smoker but Gaga’s cigarette shades are smoking (pun intended) and Beyonce’s shredded hot pants are the stuff summers on the beach are made of.

What do you think? Is the video chic or not so chic?

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  1. The video for Bad Romance is much better. I don't understand the concept for this video at all!

  2. Gaga is a right funky nutter! Chic though :)

  3. Definitely Chic! Gaga kills Beyonce on every level in this video though

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