My White Shorts Dilemma


I have these white shorts. I bought them 2 years ago in anticipation of a cruise to the Caribbean. The ship sailed and docked and two summers later, the tag is still on The Shorts! I make every excuse not to wear them: 1) Fear of a ketchup and mustard incident at a cookout. 2) The Shorts will end up dirty due to a subway ride. 3) I’ll rub my eyes and get a streak of black eyeliner on the white shorts. 4) A random kid with painted hands will hug me.

The Shorts won’t ever be as white as they are now!

The shorts are cute. They fit well and some days, the outfit planning process would be simpler if I just threw on these white shorts. Whenever I see someone wearing white pants/shorts or “all white everything”  – I think about The Shorts. I actually decided to wear them last week but – of course – the idea was nixed for fear of looking like I coordinated outfits with a friend.

LaLa rocking a white ensemble on the streets of NYC

The end of summer is fast approaching. Let’s see if I can rock my white shorts before the seasons change. Then again, there’s always next year.

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