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I spend a good chunk of my day hunched in front of a computer  so when Spa Week rolled around, I jumped at a chance to use the Spa Week gift card that I won after Blog Cafe 2.0, for a massage. I settled on the Thai Massage with All Natural Herbal Compress offered by the Bunya CitiSpa.

I walked into the beige and green room waiting room and filled out the paperwork before being led into a narrow locker room where I stored my things and changed into a robe and slippers. You can keep your panties on for this treatment, but the bra must come off. There were no disposable undies offered at Bunya.

Next I was led into a cool waiting room filled with lounge chairs, magazines, and flat screen TV. I watched Paula Deen chop vegetables as I sipped cucumber water and waited for my massage therapist to arrive.

My massage therapist, Irene, led me into the private treatment room and instructed me to de-robe and lie face down on the table while she waited outside. After I got undressed, Irene came back in and began rubbing me with oils. She covered my back, legs and arms, and applied slight pressure as she went along. At some point, she increased the pressure, eventually climbing on top of the table and working out two stubborn kinks in the center of my back. Once those had been worked out, she had me turn over and she got to work on my shoulders and neck, the areas I complain about most.

Next it was time for stretches. Irene lifted and bended my legs a few times to loosen up my muscles. Then, she had me turn back onto my stomach and began massaging my back with the two hot herbal compresses. I was startled by the heat at first, but she cooled them off a bit, and I began to relax once again. Irene continued down my back with the compresses, working them into my back and shoulders. Once that was done, she got back onto the table, held my wrists, and pulled my arms back, lifting my upper body for a few more stretches. It was like having a mini workout on the massage table.

The entire treatment lasted 50 minutes. I am not a massage connoisseur yet (I plan to become one), but I would recommend this treatment. My body, especially my shoulders, felt great the next day. The standard 60 minute massage is $120. During Spa Week it is offered for $50.

Bunya CitiSpa is located at 474 West Broadway, between Prince and Broome Street.

*I won the Spa Week gift card in a contest and was not required to write about this treatment. This review was written of my own accord, and reflects my opinion, solely.

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