The Perfect Red Lip


Imagine me, rocking a classic red lip. When I was younger, I vowed that as an adult, I would never wear red nail polish or lipstick. I thought only old ladies wore red. :-\ I reneged on the red nail polish promise quickly but held steadfast to my anti-red lipstick sentiments. Fuchsia and plum will do, but not red!

That all changed a few weeks ago. After seeing people out and about rocking red pouts and watching YouTube makeup tutorials featuring red lips, I became a convert. I began to “research”  red lipsticks, glosses and lip stains that would complement my “chocolate girl wonder” complexion. I made a mental note of some of the brands and shades mentioned but never took the time to go to the makeup counter for a trial run.

On one of my CVS runs to restock my lipgloss stash, I spotted this red lipstick from Black Radiance. I’m a fan of the Black Radiance blushes and powders and decided to give the lipstick a try. It was only $2!

What do you know? Black Radiance’s “Reggae Red” is my Perfect Red Lip. Reggae Red is actually one of a gazillion shades in the “Perfect Tone” collection.  While I always moisturize my lips before applying any gloss or lipstick, this Black Radiance Reggae Red, enriched with Vitamins A & E,  just glides on!

I also picked up NYC’s “Retro Red” for about $1. I really didn’t like it on me as it’s more of an orange-red, while Reggae Red is a blue-red. Nevertheless, there’s almost always a way to make use of a color you don’t like.

Disclaimer: this is the ONLY time that black liner should touch your lips lol! To deepen the Retro Red, I lined my lips with a black liner, smacked my lips a few times and voila! — a fab, deep red was born.

That being said, what is YOUR perfect red lipstick?

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  1. Madame: The Journey says:

    "Chocolate girl wonder" <-YES! I love colors, but I'm very conscious of what does and doesn't work with my complexion. And red has just been one of those colors that I've steered clear from – beyond nails. Now, I'm privy to the deeper hues red, but the bright, come with much apprehension. I think I just need to find the right shade/brand. This looks fabulous on you!

  2. O So Chic says:


    I totally understand. I have been wearing brighter pinks/fuchsia and was still apprehensive about the reds.

    I started off with the Black Radiance color because it was so inexpensive & figured I wouldn't lose much if I didn't like it. I definitely suggest trying out some shades in a makeup store or a picking up a few inexpensive ones at random.

    I believe there's a red – even bright red – lip for everyone.

    — Melanie

  3. i love red, but i usually chicken out cuz i'm very fair with large-ish lips so they're very out there in red……buuut i admit i'd buy this lippie JUST cuz of the name! i wanna own some reggae red :)

    looks good on ya btw!

  4. O So Chic says:


    Thanks. Reggae Red IS a hot lipstick name right? Most people are intimidated by the reds, but if you look at it as a "statement" lip, you'll be golden!

    — Melanie


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