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A few weeks ago my bikini wax package at the spa I’ve been going to for the last two years ran out. While I’ve had a pretty good experience at that spa – except for the time my waxer was so busy talking about her boyfriend problems that she forgot that I asked to leave a landing strip and left me almost bald – I decided to go out in search of the least painful wax in NYC.

I tried out Shobha  first. I’d heard good things about it and decided to drop in one day while I was in Columbus Circle. Even though I had no appointment, they fit me in and after filling out paper work in the orange waiting room, I was led into the private waxing area.

As usual, the waxer instructed me to remove everything from the waist down. Unlike my other waxing experiences, she stayed in the room while I got undressed. I know she was going to see everything anyway but that caught me off guard.  I must admit, I’m very self conscious, and getting undressed in front of a strange woman is not what I’d describe as a comfortable experience.

I quickly undressed in the corner (trying to keep out of her view) and said a silent prayer that the waxing wouldn’t hurt too much before getting on the table. My waxer dipped a fresh stick into the wax with each application until it seemed like she was building a mini wall on the table where she discarded the used sticks. Turns out Shobha has a no double-dip policy. As for the pain, it was tolerable. I once nearly walked in the middle of a waxing session somewhere because it hurt so badly. I had no such complaints at Shobha.

The waxer and I made small talk and discussed the crazy New York weather while she worked.

Once she was done with waxing, she took out thread to clean up the hairs that the wax missed. I almost had a heart attack because while I have no problem with getting my eyebrows waxed, I consider eyebrow threading to be a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I could not imagine feeling that kind of pain “down there.” Surprisingly, the threading didn’t hurt at all. I would even dare to say it was less painful than tweezing, which is what they did at my old spa.

Once she was done, she lathered my lady parts with lotion and covered it with a moist towel. It provided a nice, cooling sensation, a welcome feeling after all of the hot wax. When I got home I was happy to find that aside from the landing strip that I asked for, there were no stray hairs left.

All in all I had a good experience at Shobha and I can definitely say it was one of the best, and least painful waxes, I’ve gotten. Having the waxer stay in the room while I get undressed will take some getting used to though.

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  1. Nice information to know!

  2. I've been going to Shobha for almost 3 years for my bikini waxes. I've only been to the Soho Location though. Love, Love, LOVE THEM!

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