Master of the Mix presented by BET and Smirnoff

The cast of Master of the Mix at the NYC premiere

Who can ensure that you’ll have a hot party? The answer is only two letters long. The DJ. It doesn’t matter if you have a party with five people, or 500 people, if you have a good DJ your guests are guaranteed to have a good time. I don’t just mean someone creating a playlist in iTunes.  A good DJ knows that some songs only need to be played for twenty seconds and some songs need to be played in full. The know when to change genres. They know to switch from one song to the next seamlessly, and so much more. Oh yeah, some good cocktails help too.

The merging of good music with good drinks was the thought process behind Master of the Mix, the reality show love child of execs at Smirnoff vodka and BET. Seven DJs took part in the competition to be be crowned Master of the Mix. They battled at parties across the globe and faced elimination at the end of challenges. I’m a reality TV junkie so I jumped at the chance to attend the show’s preview at IAC last night. We were late (gasp!) so we missed most of the episode, but what I did see had me intrigued. Vikter Duplaix was mouthing off after a critique from Kid Capri. I don’t want to give away the line but it was one of those, “oh no he didn’t” moments that you love from reality shows. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Grandmaster Flash at the Master of the Mix premiere.
When the episode ended, the cast was introduced to the crowd at IAC. There’s DJ Jazzy Joyce, DJ Mars, DJ Rap, DJ Revolution, DJ Scratch, DJ Viktor Duplaix and Rich Medina. Kid Capri and Just Blaze serve as judge and host, respectively. The contestants spoke about why they decided to do the show, who and what made them want to become DJs, and how DJing has impacted their lives. “Everything I do is bought by the turntables,” said Atlanta’s DJ Mars, who put himself through college and pays for his son’s private school with the money he makes from spinning. Then came Grandmaster Flash. He may not like to speak too much, but he gave us a history lesson about DJ culture, and how he himself got started. 

At some point I began to feel a little nostalgic. Before I was old enough to go to the club, I’d tune in to Hot 97 on Friday nights to hear Jazzy Joyce along with Angie Martinez and Cocoa Chanelle on Ladies Night. The party was in my room back then. Well, I’m legal now, and Melanie can attest to some memorable nights at the Freedom Party with Rich Medina on the 1s and 2s. The DJ can make or break a party.

So, who will be crowned Master of the Mix? Tune in to Centric tonight (and every Wednesday) at 10:30 PM EST, or BET on Saturdays at midnight to find out.

P.S.: Did you catch my usage of DJ vernacular? “Spinning” and “1s and 2s.” I should’ve thrown “mix” and “scratch” in there too.  Aww man! Next time, next time.

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  1. The judges blew it big time. All the dj’s were weak to me but sending one dj home for an argument the other dj started is weak. There must be a requrement that female dj be in the finals. Calling dj k-sly a dj is a joke. She is almost as weak as the record tossing cookie boy.

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