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Sometimes life gets so busy that there’s hardly any time for sleep. After a particularly tiring day at work, I was not looking forward to the many events I had one evening. I really wished there was someplace I could take a nap during the hour between work and my first event, and I mentioned it on Twitter. I said something like, “I wish someone would create a nap bar, where you could go, recline on a lounge chair, and sleep instead of drink during happy hour.” Little did I know that there was such a place, and better than a bar, it was a spa.

I was speaking with Christine of and I told her how tired I was and I planned to wind down post-Fashion Week with a vacation or a spa day. She told me that Yelo Spa was a place where you could go and take a nap in a cocoon (yes, a cocoon) and I was instantly intrigued. I looked it up later and it turned out to be one of the places where I could use the Smartbox Serenity gift card that I won at Kitty Bradshaw’s anniversary party. Not only could I go to the spa, but I could do so for free. I booked an appointment right away.

I walked into the Columbus Circle location the day after fashion week, exhausted. My feet were sore. My shoulders were tense from the long nights in front of the computer at the NYmag offices. I instantly began to feel excited as I looked around the futuristic hot pink and orange space. I filled out the requisite client information forms and chose sounds of the ocean as the soundtrack for the Peace and Calm treatment, a reflexology session with aromatherapy. I also added the 20/20 package which is a twenty minute shoulder massage followed by a twenty minute power nap. I had several treatments, but if all you need is a power nap to get you through the day, you can do that too. The PowerNap packages are from 20 minutes to 40 minutes (you can take a nap during lunch hour) and run from $15-$28.

I spent the next hour in total relaxation mode. I lay with my knees lifted above my chest in the zero-gravity Yelo chair and breathed in a peppermint scented cloth before my massage therapist began to work his magic on my feet, neck, and shoulders. My eyes were covered with tea bags, sounds of the ocean surrounded me and I drifted off to sleep. They even provided a soft blanket to cover up with during the treatment. Those who know me know I’m chronically cold – even in temperatures that others would describe as warm – and the blanket came in handy.

My feet really appreciated the work that was done to them. They’d taken a beating during Fashion Week, and the massage therapist rubbed, and tugged, and pressed life into them, while covering them in an oil. They were a bit slick when I slipped them back into my leopard print flats later on.

The tension in my neck and shoulders were smoothed out with each stroke of the massage therapist’s hands. The reflexology and massage take place in the YeloChair. There is no need to remove any clothing, or to lay face down on a massage table, which is common for most massages at other places.

I woke when I realized that wonderful rubbing on my feet had stopped. The therapist told me that the nap portion of my treatment was about to begin. He turned off the lights and left me alone in the cocoon-like room. I’d had such a good sleep during the reflexology and massage that I couldn’t go to sleep during the time allotted for my power nap.

I lay with my eyes shut as classical music played. I was totally at ease. Twenty minutes later, the windowless cabin began to lighten (the gradual lighting is supposed to simulate the sunrise). It was time for me to “wake up.”

The therapist came back in and returned the YeloChair to an upright position signaling the end of my session. I settled my check and received a jar of bath soak as a to-go gift.

Although my treatment was only an hour long, my body felt well rested. I absolutely loved my time at Yelo Spa. A good nap is hard to come by!

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