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As Golden Girl Sophia Petrillo would say, Picture it: You’re outside in below freezing temps, wearing your warm gloves. You need to use your phone but you can’t – without taking off your gloves. Do you defy the bitter cold, or just wait?

touchscreen gloves for phone

Most touch screen devices have capacitive touch screens (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Storm, Torch, Android, HTC etc). Not to be overly technical but, in a nutshell, these phones require an electrical conductor (your fingers) in order to operate. Regular gloves that lack conductive properties, won’t work on your trusty touch screen phones.

Fingerless gloves are available, but in my opinion they have the same numbing effect as taking off your gloves. Alternatively, you can get full gloves, that are specifically made for touch screen use.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android, check out these touchscreen gloves that will you allow you to be productive – or check Twitter – in the cold.

top row: 180s “Iris” Tec Touch Leather Gloves, $70 (180s); 180s “Buckle” Faux Shearling Cuff Tec Touch Gloves, $45 (180s); Touch Screen Gloves, $17.99 (AGloves)
bottom row: Cashmere Lined Leather TouchTec Driving Gloves, $225 (Gaspar Gloves); Cashmere Lined Leather TouchTec Gloves, $245 (Gaspar Gloves); Echo Touch Ruffled Wool Blend Gloves, $35 (Nordstrom)

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  1. why didnt i think of making these? brilliant! LOL

  2. O So Chic says:

    Lol right. There are actually DIY touch screen gloves. You need some conductive thread…etc…

    – Melanie

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