Tibi | Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011


The majority of daytime looks from Tibi Fall/Winter 2011 collection was made up of a pretty somber color palette of olive green, beige and gray for daytime looks. A pink knit hat provided a pop of color. The evening looks provided a richer color palette of white, blue, red and gold.

Tibi model; Spinelli from Recess

Throughout the show I couldn’t help but think of a cartoon I used to watch where one of the characters wore a knit hat. It wasn’t until a few days later it came to me. The pink hats the models wore reminded me of the orange hat that tomboy Spinelli wore on the show Recess. I wonder if designer Amy Smilovic was watching recess when she designed the collection?

Tibi Fall/Winter 2011 final walk

My favorite pieces from the collection were the sweater dresses, which are so comfortable and cozy when the temperatures drop in the fall, the boyfriend blazers, and a high neck evening dress with embroidered chiffon appliques.

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  1. lol love the spinelli reference! she was one of my favorites on recess!

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