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The Barrier Reef Benedict with Bloody Mary Sauce

Meeting friends for brunch is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend, as evidenced by the pictures I post on Twitter and Tumblr on Saturdays and Sundays. I rarely eat breakfast during the work week and unlike the days of high school and junior high when I spent hours on the phone with the same people I’d seen in school earlier that day, I generally only speak with people on Gchat during the week. Brunch is the perfect way to wind down, catch up, and enjoy my favorite meal. Bottomless brunches (read unlimited drinks) are my favorite. We know many of you love NYC brunch too, so we’ve decided to share our findings with you.

I generally prefer my brunch with a side of chi-chi foo foo, by that I mean a relaxed atmosphere. So, when I walked into the Sunburnt Cow for my friend Kyle’s birthday brunch my first thought was “oh hell no!” It was really dark, even though the sun was shining outside, crowded, and hip hop was blasting from hidden speakers. What is was – a dive bar. What is was not – relaxing.

Unlimited greyhounds and mimosas for everyone

Turns out, this place was the perfect setting for Kyle’s quarter century celebration. Our group of 20 was seated in an enclosed area in the back, and it was bright (yay!). Our waiter explained the menu to us – entrees written in white were part of the $20 unlimited booze special, add $5 extra for the entrees written in red – in a cute Aussie accent. I ordered a moo-mosa (it’s a regular mimosa, just a play on the “cow” in the restaurants name) and a burger with the Lot – lettuce, tomato, bacon, beets, pineapple, onion and a fried egg. Most of our party went with the burger. I ordered mine medium well sans the beets and onion.

Burger with the Lot

The waiter came back and told us they would not be able to make our burgers with only parts of the Lot because “it would take forever” to customize them so he would just bring them out with everything and we could remove what we didn’t want. Unlike Burger King, you cannot have it your way at the Sunburnt Cow. I was annoyed. What if I was allergic to beets or something else they refused to take off of my burger? Luckily, I am not, I’m just picky.

Two mimosas later our food was served, and I decided to try the burger as is. It was surprisingly good. The beet and pineapple provided an unexpected sweetness no usually found on a burger and the bacon gave a nice hint of salt. It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory. However, the egg kind of got lost in the mix.

Finger-licking good!

Another member of our party, Michael< ordered one of the red entrees, a crab benedict with blood mary sauce instead of hollandaise. He described it as finger licking good and batted the bus boy’s hand away when he tried to remove his plate before he was done. There were still two fries and a bit of crab that Michael wanted to sop up in bloody mary sauce and yolk.

Free shots!

Once all the plates and glasses were cleared our waiter came back with a round of shots for the group. I’m not sure what kind of shot it was but it had a hint of lemon and was pretty tasty. Splitting the bill was pretty painless since everyone’s meal was either $20 or $25.

Since I am a fan of a laid-back brunch, the Sunburnt Cow will not be my go to brunch spot (that review is coming soon), but it is definitely a great spot for large, boisterous groups, especially if you’re looking to continue the party you started the night before.

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