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Flat irons hold a special place in my heart. They’re great for quick touch ups in the morning, or even putting a “bump” in your bangs. On the days when I have time to experiment with my hair, flat irons can take my hair from straight to curly in under 30 minutes.


Since a quality flat iron makes all the difference, I was eager to “test drive” the Platinum Zebra Corioliss C1 flat iron.

Design & Efficiency:
Instead of ceramic plates, the C1 boasts titanium plates. In comparison to a ceramic plated flat iron, I noticed that the titanium plated C1 iron just glided over my hair more. This minimized the amount of time it took for me to flat iron my hair.

Another important factor in choosing flat irons is the amount of time it takes the iron to heat up. The Corioliss C1 went from 0° to its max of 450° in under 30 seconds. Speaking of heat, handling the C1 was still easy at a setting of 450°. The upper body of the flat iron became slightly warm, but I was still able to comfortably touch it while styling my hair.

Results: Before & After
In the before pictures, my hair was freshly washed and blow dried.

corioliss c1 flat iron review before after hair

In the after pictures, I applied a heat protectant product and ran the Corioliss C1 flat iron through my hair once. Can you see the difference?

corioliss c1 flat iron review before after hair

Price: $150-$210

Final thoughts:
Corioliss C1 is a very good flat iron. It gets the job done quickly and leaves your hair looking sleek with a natural sheen. There was also no flat iron smell to my hair after using C1. Depending on the length or thickness of your hair, the C1 at 1″ may not be ideal, but you can always try the larger Corioliss C2.

Have you used the Corioliss C1 before?

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