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The contestants on NBC's Fashion Star

I thoroughly enjoy reality TV. I’m a huge fan of contests and I love to shop. So, I was more than a tad bit excited when NBC announced it’s new show, Fashion Star.

Supermodel Elle Machperson serves at host of Fashion Star, a reality show that gives emerging designers a chance to show their clothes to buyers from three major retailers: H&M, Macy’s and Saks. If the buyers want to purchase the item, they place a bid and the highest bidding retailer will sell the design online and in-stores the NEXT DAY. Talk about instant gratification! Designers who do not place an item in stores will be up for elimination.

Nicole RIchie, John Varvatos and Jessica Simpson seve as mentors. Elle Macpherson is the host.

Fashionista Nicole Richie, designer John Varvatos, and singer Jessica Simpson serve as mentors to the budding designers and offer practical advice to the newbies. The winner of the entire competition will get to see their capsule collection sold at H&M, Macy’s and Saks – a prize valued at $6,000,000 dollars. That’s a lot of zeros!

Orly Shani zippered mini, $350 (Saks); Lizzie Parker asymmetrical jersey tunic, $79 (Macys); Nikki Poulos kimono sleeve maxi caftan, $89 (Macys); Edmond Newton’s sleeveless halter, $110 (Macys); Sarrah Parrot peekaboo-back sheath, $19.95 (H&M); Nzimoro Oputa blazer, $49.95 (H&M)

Last night six of the designers’ looks were purchased. Orly Shani sold a zippered mini skirt to Saks. Macy’s ordered Lizzie Parker’s asymmetrical jersey tunic, Nikki Poulos’ kimono sleeve maxi caftan dress, and Edmond Newton’s sleeveless halter. Sarah Parrot’s peekaboo-back sheath and menswear designer Nzimoro Oputa’s blazer were bought by H&M. And today, you can buy them too! Orly’s skirt really has my name on it, but the price tag does not. However, Sarah’s dress is my style and well within my budget.

What did you think of Fashion Star? Will you buy any of the winning looks?

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  1. Oh snap! I missed this last night! That sheath dress and blazer is calling my name though. 😀

  2. I love Sarah’s peekaboo teil dress. Great job Sarah. Keep doing the great job your doing. Your 2 children are very proud of there momma.

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