6 Spring Fitness Tips from Expert Kristin McGee


Happy Wellness Wednesday! (It’s not a national day or anything, but we’re talking about getting healthy today). Now that you’re armed with cheap-chic workout clothes, you actually have to start working out! My 30 day trial at the gym expired yesterday and I signed up for a full membership. I’m hoping the $95 I have to pay a month will be incentive for me to keep going.

If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, never fear! You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get in shape. I attended a Wellness Event a few weeks ago and jotted down a few simple fitness tips from Kristin McGee, yogi/Pilates instructor/contributing editor for Health magazine.

1. Move quickly on one block. Slow down one block.

I am a fast walker. I hate going to Times Square because it’s always packed with slow moving tourists. But according to the expert, a mix of high speed with a leisurely gait – otherwise known as interval training – is good for you. Speed past picture-taking tourists for one block. Slow down to admire the flowers sprouting up around the city on the next. Repeat.

2. Take subway steps two at a time.

I must admit, I’d probably look at anyone walking up the subway stairs two at a time a little funny, but who cares? You’ll be toning your legs. Hello smaller thighs! If you don’t take the subway, turn the stairs in your home, office building, or the mall into your own personal lean-mean-toning-machine.

3. Do leg lifts at your desk.

It’s so easy to get stuck behind your desk, not moving at all, for eight or more hours a day. Burn a few calories by doing lifts whenever you get a phone call or when you’re listening to a teleconference.

4. Make your workouts social.

Kristin suggested meeting your friends for pole dancing instead of drinks. I’ve taken several pole dancing classes. Not only were they great workouts, but they were tons fun and after one particularly spirited evening, the girls and I wound down after class over margaritas. If you’re scared to work the pole, get your pals together for Zumba, Bootcamp, or a group run in the park. Then go have a drink. Choose low calorie cocktails so you don’t negate all the work you did earlier.

5. Carry a stylish gym bag

Who says you have to carry a traditional (read: ugly) nylon gym bag? I have a stylish animal print tote that doubles as my briefcase and gym bag. It’s large enough to fit my laptop and my running sneakers and I can easily carry it to work and the gym. It’s eye catching and functional.

6. Make sure you’re armed and ready with healthy snacks.

Working out is great, but a big part of getting in shape is eating well. Kristin carries a serving of almonds in an Altoid container in her bag. I am currently obsessed with Emerald’s 100 calorie Cinnamon Roast Almond packs. Don’t like nuts? Have fruit or an energy bar instead. Just say no to the corner store candy!

Start incorporating these tips into your daily life now, then ease your way to more high intensity workouts. Summer is only a few weeks away. “Bikini body or bust!”

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  1. Goinspirebeauty says:

    These are great, simple tips! Double steps up the stairs is brilliant. Thank you for the great ideas.


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