Cruising with Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration


Janique ( and I noshing on CoolHaus' edible paper.

I honestly believe I am meant to live a life of leisure. So when I was invited to Glam Media’s Things We Love Summer Sail and Hawaiian Tropic preview event, I quickly requested the day off from work to attend. I mean, I’m happiest when I’m catching up with my friends over a fruity cocktail so there was no way I was going to let a little thing like work keep me from indulging in a swanky afternoon cruising the Hudson River.

Umbrella drinks welcomed us we climbed aboard the ship

I knew I was going to have a good time from the moment I stepped onto The Atlantica yacht at Chelsea Piers. A crew of handsome men stood waiting with trays filled with wine and mixed umbrella drinks as we boarded the vessel.

We cruised past The Statue of Liberty

Things only got better once I got used to the swaying of the ship. We sailed across the Hudson and got up close and personal with Lady Liberty.

CoolHaus' ice cream sandwiches are amazing & the paper wrapper is edible.

Since I was took a vacation day from work, I decided that I could also take a break from counting calories. I indulged in the fabulous Tex-Mex lunch spread and followed that up with a red velvet Coolhaus ice cream sandwich, which was wrapped in edible paper. It was di-vine!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen comes in SPF 12, 30 and 50

The cruise was a kickoff to summer and guests got to test out the new Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen from Hawaiian Tropic. Sunscreen should be worn year round, but it is absolutely essential during the summer when we are apt to spend long hours outdoors in the sun. The Silk Hydration sunscreen has a lovely, light fragrance which means you don’t need to bother with perfume. More importantly, it has moisturizing bands which eliminate the need to layer lotion and sunscreen. I was excited when I learned about the moisturizing bands because I often forget to put on sunscreen after I put on lotion, hence the reason I fell victim to a nasty sunburn a few years ago (yes, brown skin does burn). This two-in-one product from Hawaiian Tropic is right up my alley.

This Lands End tote was filled with tons of great summer essentials

As much as I loved being a lady of leisure for a day, I had to come back to shore eventually. Thankfully, I got a sweet parting gift to lessen the blow of reality. A great, big Land’s End tote was filled with fabulous products (Hawaiian Tropic’s Shimmer Effects After Sun Moisturizer, Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer, Dove Clinical Protection deodorant and more) that will be perfect for my summer jaunts to Atlantic City, Boston and anywhere else my feet take me.

The Things We Love Summer Sail was truly an awesome kick off to summer. You can see more pictures from the event on our Facebook page. If only I could do lunch on a yacht everyday!

*New Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ lotion sunscreen is the only sun protection with extra luxurious hydrating ribbons to pamper your skin with 12 hour moisturization.

*With hydrating ribbons infused with luxurious silk protein and rich shea butter, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ sunscreen pampers and protects skin.

*Available in SPF 12, 30 and 50, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ lotion sunscreen provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection that won’t break down in the sun, along with nourishing antioxidants, exotic island botanicals, a warm tropical fragrance and a lightweight, non-greasy feel.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Hawaiian Tropic® Sun Care via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Hawaiian Tropic.

Hawaiian Tropic is a trademark of Tanning Research Laboratories, LLC.

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  1. I hear you! It’s hard work being a lady of leisure, LOL. I knew that I recognized you, we met at the last Glam dinner. Now, I’m mad I didn’t go say hi :(

  2. Great recap. We definitely need to find a way to make this a normal part of our lives. Lol

  3. Looks like you ladies had fun. I’m mad I missed it

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