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Ombre Hair Keke Palmer Katy Perry Celebrity Hair

Celebrity Ombre Hair:
Keke Palmer with black to blonde ombre hair & Katy Perry with black to purple ombre hair

It seems like summer is the time when people get the “let me experiment on my hair” itch. Although ombre hair is nothing new, I have seen so many people rocking it this season. Ombre hair is when your hair is colored in a seamless gradient from dark to light. You can achieve this by bleaching, dyeing or chalking your hair. It works on the hair growing out of your head and some human hair extensions. If you don’t want to color your mane, get pre-colored extensions and install/clip them in from the middle of your head, down to your nape. While most people choose more “natural looking” ombre hair, you can spice it up with pink, blue, purple — whatever!

YouTube is such a magical place and a source for a plethora of DIY ombre hair tutorials. Of course you’re aware that coloring your hair is a chemical process and these DIY tutorials are being done by non-professionals. If you’re going to take on the challenge of coloring your hair, use these video tutorials as reference points. Follow the directions on the products you use & always wear gloves!!! Happy Coloring!

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  2. […] chameleon. (Hi, Melanie). From late winter through late summer, I was rocking a layered, blonde, ombre ‘do with full bangs. My Blonde Bombshell phase was probably the longest hairstyle phase […]

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