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In the interest of learning all we can about how to make O So Chic the best online destination for everything fashionable, beautiful, savvy and chic, we are going to BlogHer, a major blogging conference. We are very excited about it. Now, we have to figure out which of our outfits will present us in the best light.

While I’ve never gone to BlogHer, I have attended several conferences and there are certain wardrobe rules that ring true for every one. Here are four tips about how to dress for BlogHer, Blogalicious, NAWL, SHRM or any conference that you plan to attend.

1. Dress to Impress

As my LinkedIn profile says, I’m a “recruiter by day. Fashion and lifestyle blogger by night.” The dress code at my office is very relaxed. So relaxed, that I could dress for casual Friday everyday and since I blog from home at night, I tend to draft my posts in my pajamas. Just because I can wear jeans, sneakers and a tee-shirt most days, doesn’t mean I do and I certainly will not at BlogHer.

At most conferences, you will be joined by your peers or people with titles that you would like to have someday. The person next to you may be in a position to offer you a guest posting stint or a full-time job at your dream company. Leave the sweatpants at home (or in your hotel room. You can change into them at the end of the day) and pull out your best duds. A few conference a appropriate pieces are below. You can also flip through our trend reports for more inspiration.

2. Wear Layers

Large conference rooms are known to feel like meat lockers. I’ve heard that it’s hard to regulate temperatures in a large room, so the rooms are generally set to the coldest temperature possible. You don’t want to miss important information from your speakers because you’re busy rubbing your hands together or trying to think warm thoughts, so bring a cardigan, blazer or large scarf to wrap around your shoulders.

3. Carry A Large Handbag

Since conferences tend to be all day affairs, carry a stylish but functional bag that’s large enough to hold all of your essentials – bottled water, snacks, lip gloss, notepad or laptop – plus all of the conference materials that will be handed out. Satchels, totes, and any bag that you can throw over your shoulder or forearm is your best bet.

4. Bring Comfortable Shoes

I fully expect to be at BlogHer related activities from 8 AM until at least 11 PM each night. As much as I love the way my legs look in stilettos, I know that after a few hours, they won’t feel very great. I will probably wear flats all throughout BlogHer. If you must wear heels, choose a wedge or platform and carry a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals in your handbag. Your feet will thank you. (Dr. Scholl’s foldable Fast Flats are a great spare shoe. They don’t cost much and they take up very little space.)

There you have it! The four fool proof tips on how to dress for a conference.

Now that my guide is done, it’s time to take my own advice and get my BlogHer outfits ready. If any of you will be at BlogHer, please say “hi” if you see us. Melanie and I would love to meet you!

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  1. Great post! I have my outfits all lined and ready to go. This should be an awesome experience

  2. You looked fabulous! So great to meet you! Check out my pics here:

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