How to Remove Scuffs from Leather Sandals


I am terribly hard on shoes. Look at those scuff marks!

Like many of you, I buy new sandals at the beginning of every summer. After a few months, the shoes that were shiny and new when the warm weather first rolled in, begin to lose their luster. With summer winding down in a few weeks, I vowed not to buy a new pair of sandals when my “go to” pair became badly scuffed. My Steve Madden Achilees’ had gone from chic to sloppy so I consulted Google for a way to save my beloved gladiators.

These household items can be used to remove scuffs

The answer I found surprised me. The things I needed to remove those pesky black streaks were already in my house. According to Google, the miracle tools were petroleum jelly and paper towels. I’ve used Vaseline’s cocoa butter petroleum jelly on my skin for years. I was a bit skeptical of using the product that I use to moisturize my body on the leather, but I figured I had nothing to lose since the shoes weren’t in great shape anyway.

I smeared a small section of one shoe with Vaseline and worked the paper towel into the sandal in circular motions. When the first scuffs disappeared, I continued the buffing process on the rest of the shoe. After twenty minutes of doing my best Karate Kid impersonation on the scuffs (wax on, wax off. Wax on wax off) the shoes looked almost as good as they did when I bought them.

Almost as good as new!

Turns out that petroleum jelly is not only good for the skin and lips, it’s good for leather shoes too! Who knew?

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  1. Wow, great tip. I have quite a few scuffed sandals that need some TLC.

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