Tria Blue Light – Week 4 Update


Hey all, guest contributor ET is back with an update about Tria’s Skin Perfecting Blue Light Acne Treatment. I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see how the product works. Here’s what she found.

It has been four weeks since I started using the TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light and while I can say that I have no complaints about using the at-home laser I also don’t really have anything to cheer about.

I have continued to use the TRIA Blue Light for five minutes each evening. There are only two things that I switched up after writing my last post 1) drinking more water and 2) taking a multivitamin (Vitamin A specifically). Now that the weather has become cooler, I definitely need to keep hydrated as I noticed that my skin has been much dryer. Despite using the TRIA Blue Light as instructed for the past four weeks I think that my skin looks pretty much the same. My breakouts seem to just be shifting around my face, not reducing in appearance. I also haven’t seen any of the complexion clearing benefits.

I should note that the “instructions for use” do state that the TRIA Blue Light is best for people with mild or moderate acne. Perhaps my breakouts fall into a different category. It may also be too much to expect that the TRIA Blue Light will correct, or fade, dark spots on African-American skin. Or, maybe I need to give the TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light its full eight week course and give a final reaction in a month. I think I will do that.


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