Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light Acne Treatment Review | Week 8


I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to find out the results of ET’s eight week trial using the TRIA blue light acne system. Here it is.

… And the Results are in! Week 8 Wrap-Up Post

Time flies when you’re a graduate student approaching finals and you haven’t been keeping up with your work! I’m very delayed in writing this final post on the TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light, but I thankfully did take photos of my skin on the day my cartridge ran out. Since it’s been so long since I last posted, let me refresh your memory on what the TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light is and does.

For eight weeks I used the TRIA Blue Light on my skin for five minutes each evening. I would “paint” my face with the device which activates when pressed against your skin. I concentrated on each cheek for a minute and a half, and on my forehead and chin for one minute each. The TRIA Blue Light beeps every 30 seconds and after two and a half minutes it also makes a noise to help you keep track of how long you’re using it. The instructions recommend using the TRIA Blue Light for two and a half minutes in the morning and evening, but I could only make time for one long session at night. I found the TRIA Blue Light to be extremely easy to use. I kept it charging most of the time since the battery ran out easily, but then all I had to do was wash my face and press the device to my skin.


While I was using the TRIA Blue Light I felt like my skin was less oily and that any blemishes on my skin were drying out. However, looking at the photos I took, it seems that while some pimples were vanishing new ones were forming. So, on the one hand perhaps the TRIA Blue Light was doing its job, but it should have also been preventing new pimples from forming and that was not happening. I also did not see any of the skin clearing effects. My skin looks the same in week 1 and week 8.

I can’t say I’m disappointed in the TRIA Blue Light because I think it might be very effective for someone with milder acne than mine. The TRIA Blue Light is expensive but so is trying a bunch of different potions, lotions and devices. My final verdict? Do your research, read other reviews, and try to find the TRIA Blue Light on sale or get it as a gift for the holidays/your birthday/valentine’s day, etc. If your skin looks anything like mine, the TRIA Blue Light may not be for you, but if your skin is relatively blemish free then the TRIA Blue Light might work fantastically.

Good luck!

Got questions for ET regarding the TRIA Blue Light System? Leave a comment below and she’ll respond when she has a break from her law school stuff. She’s promised to take all of our friends on a trip once she lands a big gig post graduation so she needs to keep her head in her books. Hehe.

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