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Every minute of the day, we are all involved in some sort of commerce. Texting friends, reviewing your experience at a new restaurant, participation in a twitter chat about trends, building your brand…commerce, commerce, commerce, commerce. The list goes on and as you can see, commerce is everywhere.

IBM has invited O So Chic, as well as other bloggers, to participate in the My Smarter Commerce program. #MySmarterCommerce is a way for us (and for you) to share stories about how social media and technology affect our daily interactions, lives and goals.

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For the next few weeks, I’ll be using the “#MySmarterCommerce” hash tag on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc., highlighting moments in my life where smarter commerce applies. Nobody likes a monologue. So please, jump in and make #MySmarterCommerce a vibrant conversation!

For starters, what does smarter commerce mean to you?
Let me know in the comments section!

#spon: I have been invited by IBM to share my honest thoughts and experiences around Smarter Commerce, and as part of this collaboration, IBM may provide me with product, access, content or other forms of remuneration. All opinions are expressly my own.

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  1. #MySmarterCommerce…or technology in general represent greater access. Even though greater access can be a problem, it’s “smarter commerce” if you can distinguish between the good & bad information out there.

  2. #MySmarterCommerce is using technology to engage with others…. sorta like what you are doing here. Good job :)

  3. #MySmarterCommerce for me is using all facets of technology, the internet and social media to engage potential clients and blog readers, and obtain new ones.

  4. #Mysmartercommerce Social media has become an integral part of my business with respect to attracting new clients and keeping in touch with existing clients. Personally social media affords me a window into the lives of my friends and family that I may not otherwise see on a regular basis therefore allowing me to feel closer to them despite separation by distance.

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