Celebrating Your Milestone Moments


The good ol’ Webster Dictionary defines “milestone” as: “a significant point in development.”

The great thing about milestones is that they are not static. Yes, we can make a list of basic, standard “milestones,” but ultimately, what may be a minor feat for one person, is significant to another. Our differing life visions and goals create the grand milestone cornucopia.

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon the “Life Event” section of Facebook. In 2004, the only Facebook “life event” was your new college boyfriend/girlfriend. Now, major milestones like graduations, anniversaries, pregnancies, career shifts & homeownership are shareable.

housewarming birthday passing the bar celebration singingCelebrating birthdays, new homes, passing the bar exams & pretending to be a member of a singing group

The constant stream of information about the lives of others may lead you to compare and contrast the milestones you’ve met, to the milestones of others. Everything in due time. If anything, use their accomplishments as the impetus to get your goals and plans aligned.

This past year, I reached two academic/professional milestones: graduating from law school & passing the bar exams. While I have a ways to go and more tasks to conquer, I’m confident that with diligence & perseverance, I will celebrate more milestones.

law-school-graduation-cap-gown-regalia-melanie-osochicLaw school cap & gown

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend my aunt & uncle’s “Celebration of Life” gala. They were celebrating decades of marriage, friendship, major birthdays and my uncle’s historic appointment. Beyond it being a cool idea to celebrate all of these milestones together, it was such an inspiring event.

Milestones, for me, boil down to motivation, confidence, growth & gratitude. After you’ve reached each milestone, don’t forget to take the time out to reflect on your progress and celebrate your achievement. Tune out the “what’s next?” inquiries for a bit & relish in the moment.

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