Hair Dilemma? Try the Turban Trend


The heat & humidity are doing a number on my hair. While I love the look of free flowing tresses, sometimes you need to just slick that baby back into a ponytail and call it a day.
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Summer 2013 Trend: The Turban/Turban Headband

Alternately, you can jazz up your mane with hair accessories. One of the popular hair accessories for summer 2013 is the turban/turban headband. You can rock a full turban, that covers your entire head or opt for a minimal turban headband. Wear the knot to the center, the sides–wherever!


My friend, Nadia, rocking an Ankara/African print turban headband I made.

Turbans are a simple DIY project. I use leftover fabric from sewing projects to make mine. Of course, you can also buy turbans & turban headbands from your favorite retailers


Need a bad hair day fix? Looking for chic accessories for your hair? Check out my picks for

The Summer 2013 Hair Accessories Trend | The Turban

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  1. I’m excited to also rock these in fall!! :) Love your polka dot version.


  1. […] I enjoy the ability to assuage my boredom by getting a new hair style. From black to¬†blonde and back to black,¬†bangs to an all-over even length, I switch my hairstyles almost as often as the […]

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