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We are 1/3 of the way through November and it’s FINALLY beginning to feel like fall. With temperatures dropping, dry skin is abound. As someone who has skin like the Sahara, I know all about combating dry sin. When it comes to my body, lotion, body butters and baby oil are part of my dry skin arsenal. The one area of skin that gets neglected is the skin on the lips. You may use gloss, moisturizing lipstick or lip balm, but none of those products get rid of the dead skin. Just as there are body scrubs (Shea Moisture Lemongrass & Ginger being my favorite), there are lip scrubs as well! A lip scrub gently exfoliates your lips, leaving behind renewed, moisturized and smooth lips!

diy lip scrub recipe ingredients

If you love matte lipstick like I do, using a lip scrub is muy importante. Matte lipstick is gorgeous, but it will highlight every single daggone nook, cranny and patch of dry skin on your lips. For a flawless look, smooth out your lips with a lip scrub before lippie application. I was on the hunt for a lip scrub this weekend but after my initial search resulted in $25 lip scrubs, I decided this could be a fun and simple DIY project. With a few products from your kitchen cabinet, you can make your own homemade lip scrub! Here’s how I made mine, in a few simple steps.

DIY Lip Scrub/Exfoliator Recipe
What you’ll need:

Coarse sugar (I used raw cane/brown sugar)
Raw Coconut Oil (I used pure coconut oil from the greengrocer. Olive oil or Vaseline work too.)
A twist-off cap container (I picked mine up from the beauty supply store)
Vanilla Extract (You can use vanilla extract, peppermint extract or a scented lip balm–whatever your preference.)

Ingredient measurements depend on how much of the lip scrub you’d like to make. My recipe is enough to fill a travel-size plastic container (about .75oz).

step 1:
Add 1 tablespoon of sugar to your container

diy lip scrub brown sugar
step 2:
Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of coconut oil

diy lip scrub sugar coconut olive oil
step 3:
Add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

diy lip scrub homemade sugar scrub coconut oil vanilla extract
step 4:
Mix the ingredients until the the lip scrub is even in color

Voila! Your DIY Lip Scrub project is complete!
diy lip scrub homemade lip exfoliator how to make

Apply the DIY lip scrub to your lips. With your fingers, gently rub the scrub on your lips for about 30 seconds. Wipe your lips clean. No judgment if you lick it off. :-)

Tip: store your homemade scrub in a cool location. Smooches to smooth lips!

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