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A few days ago, a friend of mine hosted her birthday dinner at Porteño Restaurant. Before arriving, I only knew two things about Porteño: 1.) it’s near High Line and 2.) is in the midst of a ton of free street parking. Porteño Restaurant is an Argentinian/Argentine restaurant in the Chelsea section of NYC. Located steps away from the High Line, it’s the perfect ending to an evening of strolling through the park.

porteno restaurant nyc tuna tartare guacamole menu

Tuna Tartare with Guacamole 

The menu at Porteño is a true reflection of Argentinian culture—a melting pot of various European (particularly Spanish & Italian) influences. To start, I chose the Porteño Polenta. The dish consists of crispy blood sausage atop what is essentially creamy grits. So good! Blood sausage or “pudding” is a delicacy of sorts that I’ve been accustomed to eating, coming from a Caribbean background. For extra flavor, the Porteño Polenta was garnished with pesto. I really didn’t need the pesto. The blood sausage & polenta were great on their own.

porteno restaurant polenta crispy blood sausage menu nyc

Porteño Polenta

For the main course, I chose Carbonara Porteño. It’s spaghetti, shrimps, pancetta, asparagus, mushrooms, shallots in a cream sauce. I substituted with penne. Fresh from the stove, the Carbonara was hot and delicious. The cream sauce thickened nicely and every forkful was filled with each of the ingredients.

porteno restaurant argentine nyc carbonara porteno pasta

Carbonara Porteño

The service at Porteño was great. Our servers were attentive and my glass was never empty. Porteño is the perfect date night restaurant. It gets crowded, but isn’t noisy. The rustic & cozy atmosphere gives off a relaxing and intimate vibe—a great setting for one on one time. Once night falls, Porteño is seemingly lit only by candlelight.

porteno restaurant nyc Chuleta De Cerdo Con Salsa De Malbec pork chop

Chuleta De Cerdo Con Salsa De Malbec Y Miel

I’ll definitely be visiting Porteño again…maybe for Sunday brunch or a date night. I will try a different entree, but it’s looking like the Porteño Polenta will be my go-to appetizer.

Porteño Restaurant
299 10th Avenue (near W. 27th Street)

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