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It’s Foodie Friday! This week’s edition is all about the highlight of the weekend — BRUNCH! On New Year’s Day*, I went to brunch at Parlor Steakhouse in NYC’s Upper East Side. Although I partied until 4am and stayed up until 10am working on O So Chic’s redesign, brunch at noon was still happening. I took a 30 minute nap and got ready to head to Parlor, located at 1600 3rd Avenue (near E.90th St.) As you can imagine, Parlor was bustling with patrons. We hung out at the bar and once our entire party arrived, we were seated promptly.

Brioche French Toast - Parlor Restaurant Bottoms Up Brunch Menu

// Brioche French Toast \\

For $27, the Parlor Steakhouse Bottoms Up Brunch Prix Fixe lets you choose one entree/breakfast dish and your choice of bellini, mimosa and/or bloody mary. With the “5 drink maximum,” Parlor’s brunch isn’t technically a “bottomless/unlimited” brunch. But let’s be honest: you probably drink 5 or less drinks at bottomless brunch. I don’t even think we made it to our third or fourth refills on New Year’s Day.

Brunch at Parlor Steakhouse - Brioche French Toast

// Brioche French Toast + Mimosa \\

It seemed like the table was on the same wavelength, as we all ordered the Brioche French Toast or the Parlor Cheeseburger. The Parlor Steakhouse Brioche French Toast was delicious! The portion served was more than adequate and the hearty brioche was the ideal bread for filling up an empty stomach. With mascarpone cheese, caramelized peaches and maple syrup, Parlor Steakhouse’s french toast is now my go-to.

Brunch at Parlor Steakhouse - Parlor Cheeseburger

// Parlor Cheeseburger \\

Up next was the Parlor Cheeseburger. Made with Black Angus beef, the cheeseburger was so juicy. It was served with french fries that were topped with fried onions. I’ve been having immense cravings for onion rings, so the thin, fried onions were a treat (and probably the real reason why I ordered a cheeseburger) .

Parlor Steakhouse NYC Restaurant - Parlor Cheeseburger Fried Onions

// Parlor Cheeseburger + Fries + Fried Onions \\

As if we had any more space to eat, the five of us shared a side of mac and cheese. It was served in a skillet and topped with a crunchy breading. I wish the menu provided more details about what cheeses were in the mac and cheese, but it was creamy + cheesy enough and the skillet was completely clean when we left. :-)

Review of Parlor Steakhouse - Menu - Mac & Cheese

// Mac and Cheese \\

Since  I only managed to eat half of my meal, the rest was clearly going to be eaten for lunch the next day. I love when a restaurant uses the “check your to-go bag” method. Having your “doggie bag” at the table–when you aren’t ready to leave–can be such a nuisance. Parlor wraps up your food and gives you a ticket. Once you’re ready to leave, you present your claim ticket, get your food and go on your merry way. Even in the midst of the New Year’s Day brunch rush, the staff at Parlor was really accommodating and kind. If you’re ever on the Upper East Side and like your mimosas with a lot more champagne than OJ, check out Parlor Steakhouse for brunch!

*Brunch at Parlor Steakhouse is usually a weekend brunch (Saturday – Sunday from 11:00 – 5pm, with a two hour limit). New Year’s Day brunch was a special holiday brunch.

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