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If you’re unfamiliar with vision boards, they are exactly what they sound like—boards that reflect your vision for the future. With The Secret and theories like “the law of attraction” at the core of the popularity of the vision board, the concept is simple. Visualizing what you want for the future helps you achieve those goals. Action is required on your part, but the board serves as a daily reminder of what you’ve set out to do. Your vision may include career changes, love and relationships, fitness goals, traveling, personal development, etc.—it’s YOUR vision.

How to Make a Vision Board - Collect Various Magazines

Just before Christmas, some of my oldest and closest friends got together for a vision board brunch party. With a delicious smorgasbord of food & drinks in our system and tons of magazines, art supplies & poster boards strewn across the living room floor, we were ready to get our visions & dreams in order.

Vision Board Party Brunch Menu + Decor

The Vision Brunch Menu (+ salmon cakes) included my award-winning coquito 

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries!!!

Before the vision/dream board project began, we went around the room summarizing our visions for 2014+ and toasted to fulfilling them. We went through countless magazines, cutting out words and pictures that aligned with our goals for 2014 and beyond. There were even times when we passed along cut outs that seemed to be a better fit for someone else in the group.

Vision Board Party Guests

After a few hours, our boards (The Collages of Life) were “complete.” I say “complete” because I believe that a vision board is not a static project. It’s really a work in progress, as I was still adding pieces last night.  Some vision boards focused on a single vision, while others had multiple themes. I’m always down for hanging my with gal pals, but putting together a vision board does not require a group. You can totally do this project on your own. Set aside a few hours, go to a quiet space and conceptualize your vision-dream board. If you don’t have magazines or don’t want to buy any, search the web for inspiration and print out your materials.


Vision Board - New Year's Resolutions Inspiration

Once your board is done, don’t keep it hidden in the basement! That totally defeats the purpose. Place your vision board in a location that will force you to look at it daily. Every month or two, spend some time revisiting your board to see whether you’re on track with your vision or need to make adjustments. My vision board reflects EXACTLY what I want for 2014+ and I’m excited to work towards having my vision realized.

Have you made a vision board before? Was it helpful?

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  1. I love this idea. I’ve done this informally on Pinterest but it would be much more fun to share a meal with girlfriends and create our boards together. Nice work! (Visiting from SitsSharefest)

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Darice! Great company can bring additional inspiration when it comes to putting the vision together. It’s the perfect time for bonding and who doesn’t like brunch? :-)

  2. I love this idea! I’m so stealing it for the end of this year. Thanks for sharing.

    • No problem, Debra! Although I did mine right before the new year, there’s no particular window of time for doing a vision board. Make one when it suits you!

  3. i absolutely LOVE this idea! so fun! i highly recommend buying Lara Casey’s #powersheets! they’re a set of worksheets to help you make 2014 your best year yet. it goes hand-in-hand with a vision board. : )
    in case you want to check it out:


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