Where to Get Olivia Pope’s Red Wine Glasses


It’s been a few months, but Season 3 of Scandal is back! This Thursday, the hit show will return from winter break with the gladiators, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Olivia’s ubiquitous red wine glass. (We learned in Season 3 Episode 2 the backstory of how Liv came to love the red, red wine.) Speaking of vino, you’re probably wondering where to get Olivia Pope’s wine glass. Liv’s wine glass is actually from Crate & Barrel? The demand for the 23oz Camille Red Wine Glass has been SO high that the $14.95 wine glass is on backorder through the middle of April! (UPDATE: the Camille red wine glass is back in stock. Grab yours here before the Season 4 premiere of Scandal on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Where to Buy Olivia Pope Red Wine Glasses from ScandalOlivia Pope (Kerry Washington) & Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) sipping red wine on Scandal

When I’m watching Scandal, I feel like a special snack spread is required. Sometimes spicy guacamole is on the menu and other times, a sweet treat like a sweet potato banana bread with grapenut ice cream is the perfect complement. The one thing that is required for Scandal watching is an Olivia Pope-inspired red wine glass. Oh, but there’s usually no red wine in my glass! Lol.  It would be deemed gauche socially but, in the comfort of my home, lemon-lime seltzer with a splash of cranberry cocktail is sipped from a red wine glass. If you need a simple guide to wine glasses and the types of wine that should go in particular glasses, check out Crate & Barrel’s Wine Glass Guide. Cheers!


 Where to Get Olivia Pope's Famous Red Wine Glass - Crate & Barrel Camille 23oz Long Stem Bowl Glass from ScandalCrate & Barrel “Camille” 23oz Long Stemmed Red Wine Glasses


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