Dating 101: Bravo’s Online Dating Rituals of the American Male #OnlineDating


First, there was the Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man book (2009) and then months later, VH1 premiered Tough Love. In 2012, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man made it to the big-screen and in March 2014, Bravo has added Online Dating Rituals of the American Male to the lineup. I saw the ads for Online Dating Rituals of the American Male in passing and I really had no plans to tune in. However, Bravo premiered the dating show during its popular Sunday lineup and I couldn’t find my remote control after Watch What Happens Live. 😉

Online Dating Rituals of the American Male - Bravo TV

In a nutshell, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male (#OnlineDating on Twitter, etc.) chronicles the online dating experiences of men across America. Each episode features two men on their quest for love–or lust. The premiere episode reminded me of the polarized premise behind Wife Swap. The two guys featured were on opposite ends of the dating spectrum. Marcus (36) a recent divorcee, was on the hunt for new and lasting love. On the other hand, Alex’s (27) newfound vanity coupled with his hookup only ambitions made him the poster boy for [online] dating nightmares. Ugh. While the show had its cringeworthy moments (thanks to Alex the Terrible and some awkward dates), it actually shed some light on both the male and female dating perspective. From initial reactions to post-date assessments, there were some key lessons/reminders:


  • Just because it wasn’t a bad date, doesn’t mean it was a good date. It may have been “OKAY.”
  •  “…the next time we see each other…” and other phrases that mention the future don’t necessarily mean a doggone thing.
  • Shut up! The story about going on a date with a man who turned out to be a real pimp may be hilarious, but sharing that story on a first date may be asking for a serious side eye and judgment that unfairly reflects on you. Control your nerves!!
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. The date may have been GRRREEAT, but don’t shut down your online dating account. Keep meeting new people!
  • Be honest about your current appearance.
  • Some online dating sites ask you to answer questions to determine “compatibility” with other members. 10% compatibility does not guarantee a horrible date and 85% compatibility does not guarantee a connection.

The second episode of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male airs tonight at its regular time (Thursday 10/9c) That time slot is for Scandal alone soOooOo yeah I’ll catch the repeat.

Will you be watching?

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