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Oh, the Wonders of Raw African Black Soap. If you live in NY and take the subway into the city, it’s likely that you’ve run into a man–dressed in a black caftan–selling incense, essential oils and this mystery brown product. I never paid it any mind, but later on I realized the mystery brown product was none other than Raw African Black Soap. 

Years ago, during a search for skin products that fade blemishes, I came across Raw African Black Soap. I had seen a so-called “African Black Soap,” but this raw, earthy stuff looked nothing like the black, perfectly-shaped bar that was in every beauty supply store. I asked my dad (who is Nigerian) what the raw African black soap did and if he ever used it back in Nigeria. Besides assuring me I could make it myself (I love a DIY project, buuuut NO!), my dad explained the uses and ingredients of Raw African Black Soap. I found a pound of Raw African Black Soap (imported from Ghana) on Amazon for under $10 and I ordered it!

OSoChic.com: Raw African Black Soap from Ghana - Skin & Hair Benefits

If you’re clueless & curious about Raw African Black Soap, I’ve answered some FAQ to help you!

What is Raw African Black Soap?

Raw African Black Soap is an all-natural soap. Traditionally made in West Africa–particularly Ghana–the soap can be used as a face cleanser, body soap and hair shampoo. Its name is sort of a misnomer as the soap is brown in color and has a extremely mild, earthy scent. It may look like a rock, but it should be malleable enough for you to manually break off small pieces pieces. If you want to cut your 1lb or larger blocks of soap in half, a butter knife should be work.

What are the ingredients in Raw African Black Soap? How is it made?

The ingredients in Raw African Black Soap may vary, but the soap usually includes: plantain skin and leaves, bark from the shea tree, cocoa pods, oils (palm oil, coconut oil and/or shea butter). The skins, leaves, barks and cocoa bods are burned to ashes. Water and the oils are then added to the ashes. After being stirred for a day or more, the mixture is left to set. There are no chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives in Raw African Black Soap.

What are some of the benefits of African Black Soap?

  • All-natural exfoliator
  • Deep-cleansing action
  • Great cleanser for oily, acne prone skin
  • Helps fade mark and hyper-pigmentation
  • Some use it to treat eczema flare ups
  • and many more…

Where can I buy Raw African Black Soap?

Amazon is my go-to when it comes to buying Raw African Black Soap. You can also find it in local African shops, salons and markets.

Raw African Black Soap Ingredients List - All-Natural

How do I use African Black Soap?

A little bit of African Black Soap goes a VERY LONG WAY! Since it comes in a large block, it’s best to break off a piece at a time and add water to form a lather. Because of the uneven texture of the soap, I suggest lathering the soap in your hand and then applying the lather to your face. If you’re using the African Black Soap to wash your hair, your can put pieces into a bottle, add water and shake it up. That will dissolve the soap and create a face wash/body wash/shampoo.

How do I store Raw African Black Soap?

Since the Raw African Black Soap has no preservatives, it must be stored in a cool, dry place. Wrap the soap in plastic wrap. Note: the soap dissolves quickly when wet. If you let the piece you’re using sit out in in water, it will look like melted caramel in the morning! The stored Black Soap may get a whitish film on it, but don’t fret. It’s not mold! It’s just the effects of exposure.

My Raw African Black Soap experience: 

Albeit inconsistently, I’ve only used Raw African Black Soap on my face. This soap compares to no other face wash I’ve ever used. My face feels completely clean after using the Raw African Black Soap. I sometimes use it in conjunction my DDF Revolve 500x Micro-Polishing & Cleansing system. Whenever I feel a pimple trying to rear its ugly little head, I grab my African Black Soap. The soap dries that pimple up and draws out the impurities from the skin (similar to what a charcoal mask does). My skin is fairly dry and I haven’t found the black soap to be overly drying. If it dries your skin out too much, you can use African Black Soap with Shea Butter or follow-up your cleansing routine with a good moisturizer. I’ve vowed to make Raw African Black Soap part of my daily skincare regimen, so I can full experience its wonders.

Do you use Raw African Black Soap? How has your experience been?
Let me know in the comments!

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