Dress Yourself – A T.J.Maxx Fashion & Self-Expression Experiment


A few weeks ago, T.J.Maxx (one of my faves) invited me to attend a panel in NYC. The Dress Yourself event focused on how women use fashion to express their best self from childhood through adulthood.  T.J.Maxx tapped Professor Karen Pine (Developmental & Fashion Psychologist), Jamie Chung (style maven, actress & blogger) and Jenn Rogien (costume designer for Girls & Orange is the New Black) to talk about out how we express ourselves with fashion.

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So how did T.J.Maxx figure it out all out? Through a shopping experiment, of course! T.J.Maxx invited ladies (ages 5 through 45) to a fashion warehouse in NYC. They had a chance to scour the racks with no abandon and pick which pieces from T.J.Maxx helped them express their best self. (I think my invitation was lost in transit. ;-)) Professor Pine and a group of researchers observed the shopping experiment, gathering an understanding of how style and its inspiration evolve as we get older. Seeing a a little girl  explain the inspiration behind her clothing choices was beyond cute. You can catch the experiment in action, below.

The warehouse experiment proves that even though style naturally evolves as we get older, fashion plays an integral role in self-expression at every age. At both ends of the age spectrum, there were actually similarities. Yes, 5 year olds and 45 year olds essentially dress alike–psychologically speaking. Those years are the most confident and least inhibited times of our lives. This actually makes total sense when you think about. At 5 years old, you’re carefree and at 45 you have grown into your own skin. When asked about how she stays true to her best self through fashion, Jamie Chung gave a few tips:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Focus on key signature pieces to make your statement
  • Make your style transformational
  • Fashion is fun so have fun with it

This experiment also reinforced the fact that T.J.Maxx provides women with high quality designer pieces that allow them to stay true to who they are at every stage of life. How has your style transformed over the years?

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