What Helps You Look & Feel Your Best?


We all have that one thing in our arsenal that is guaranteed to make us look and feel our best. Whether it’s that super flattering matte red lipstick, your favorite go-to dress, or even a special playlist, there are simple ways to brighten up your days and add some pep in your step. While I do have my favorite lipstick stashed in my car, makeup bag and bedroom, a few “when all else fails” dresses and my empowering playlist, the one thing that gives me an extra boost of confidence is a great pair of shoes.

Fergie Cash Sandals - Grey Gold - OSoChic.com

If you’ve ever had the honor of rummaging through the trunk of my car, you are not surprised. Shoes make me feel all mushy on the inside and also serve as a form of self-expression. I keep a stash of them around because sometimes casual day outings turn into all night soirees and who has the time to go all the way back home to change? Sometimes I’m on the fence about a look and need my mobile options. A cute dress without nice heels is like putting on eyeshadow with eyeliner. You’ve gotta seal the deal! You can be super simple from head to ankle and then POW–the shoes do all the talking. Who doesn’t want their shoes to speak on their behalf. ­čśë Many times, you’re looking at your outfit in the mirror and trying to figure out what’s off. Once you buckle the strap or tie the laces on the perfect heel, it all comes together!

The moral of the story is: when you look good, you feel good. So tell me. What helps you look and feel your absolute best?

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  1. A good mascara and my fave pair of True Religion Jeans. I used to hate my body, but after realizing my body is mine and worth loving every inch of I found ways to play up what I think are my best features, and then my confidence shines through which definitely makes me feel my best!

    I used to take a little too much pride in being a tomboy so now that I’ve grown into my femininity I’m still a little clueless when it comes to beauty and fashion, needless to say I’m really glad I found your blog through the SITS sharefest! [I’m off to check out the rest of your stuff :) ]

    • That’s awesome, Frances! We can be super critical, but there’s got to be *something* we take pride in and like to highlight.

      I’m glad you discovered osochic too! If you have any style questions, feel free to contact me!

  2. I so agree with what you say, when you look good you carry yourself in a different matter and you feel better about yourself. To give me a little pick me up I often reach for a nice NARS lipstick or a cute purse. I think that those always nicely finish up an outfit. Cute pair of shoes!

  3. I agree about the shoes. I do love a great pair of heels and my closet will testify to that (although I don’t wear them as much anymore)! BK (before kids) I didn’t know what a pair of flats were. But now that I have three, getting out of pj’s everyday is an accomplishment. I’m slowly learning that what makes me feel good each day is getting back to actually wearing nice outfits (not just sweats), a little bit of makeup and my new favorite…perfume!

  4. Found you via SITS and so very happy! LOVE your blog! You are so right about shoes and their absolute must in a perfect outfit.

    Thrifting Diva

  5. cute shoes!!!

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