The Kimono Jacket Trend for Summer 2014


We are about a month into summer 2014 and there are still some fashion trends you can hop on before fall arrives. The one piece of clothing I’ve been seeing a lot this summer is the kimono jacket. I went to a cookout over the weekend and I saw at least five ladies rocking kimonos. This summer 2014 trend is available in various lengths, cuts and designs. Some are sheer fabrics while are others are opaque. Kimonos are perfect for summer because they are lightweight and a great alternative to heavier denim jackets and hot cardigans. When the temps drop after sunset, kimono jackets provide just enough coverage and warmth for the summer nights. If kimonos are up your alley, check out my Kimono Jacket Trend Picks for Summer 2014.
Kimono Trend Summer 2014 - Kimono Jacket Cover Up Style

(clockwise from top left)
Key to Freedom Fringed Silk Kimono
Gold Scallop Detail Kimono
Black Tribal Print Embellished Kimono
Jade Bright Geo Print Batwing Kimono
Embroidered Kimono

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