What Does “Having it All” Mean to YOU?


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“Having it all” is such a popular, yet not so clearly defined phrase. That’s the beauty of having it all. It can mean completely different things to different people.

I asked a few friends to share words or sentences that defined “having it all” to them. Health (mind/body/spirit), happiness and loved ones were common choices. Another common thread was that everyone prefaced their response by noting that their definition of having it all did not include material things.

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I see material things as rewards for a job well done. Having it all for Melanie may include a beautifully decorated home with enviable views. A great space can be an extremely inspiring haven, as shown by journalist and tv personality–Geneva Thomas.

If I had to demonstrate what having it all means to me–holistically speaking–I would use a tree diagram. Living my life fully and purposefully would be at the root. The branches would be health, success, faith, love and happiness. At this point in my life, I’m constantly working on having it all AND striving to have it all at the same time! I expect snafus and actually welcome them. I’m confident that these challenges will positively shape me and that “having it all” is all within my reach!


So tell me, what does having it all mean to you?

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