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Although this winter has been pretty mild so far, I’m still trying to figure out my winter hair care regimen. My hair is naturally as dry as dry can be and it becomes drier during the winter. Since dry hair leads to breakage, I need a hair routine that will keep my hair moisturized–but not weighed down–and healthy from root to tip.

A contender for my go-to winter hair regimen is the NouriTress Perfect Hair Products line. I received the Vitamin Conditioner, Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner, Stimulating Scalp Shampoo, VitaOil (with Vitamin E & Argan Oil), Hair Vitamins Plus & Hair Follicle Therapy.

NouriTress Review - Hair Vitamins Plus - Follicle Therapy - Natural Hair Care

Here are the product descriptions:

NouriTress Stimulating Scalp Shampoo is a unique therapeutic formula designed to deep clean both hair and scalp. Tea Tree Oil helps unblock clogged follicles and soothes and protects dty itchy scalp problems commonly associated with dandruff. Your scalp will feel the tingle as your scalp is rejuvenated.

NouriTress Vitamin Conditioner is specially formulated to detangle and moisturize the hair after shampooing. A special blend of conditioners and silicones leaves hair soft and silky.

NouriTress Stop Shedding Protein Conditioner contains a rich blend of fortifying protein, oils and alpha hydroxy acids synergistically improves the hair’s elasticity, porosity and mends split ends. Use on natural, braided and chemically damaged hair.

NouriTress VitaOil is a special blend of vitamins, botanicals and natural oils needed to protect and maintain healthy hair and scalp. The lightly scented oil is designed to improve hair and scalp health, give extra shine and moisture to the hair and help promote new hair growth. VitaOil can also be used to soften and condition the skin.

NouriTress Hair Follicle Therapy is a leave-in stimulant that lets you feel the power of healthy hair at the root. Feel the tingle, as a blend of natural botanical extracts invigorate the root. It stimulates the scalp, increasing micro-circulation, allowing essential nutrients to be drawn to the hair’s root. Enhancing both hair maintenance and promoting a healthy environment for continued hair growth. Therapeutic ingredients soothe, tone and moisturize.

NouriTress Hair Vitamins Plus supports longer, thicker, healthier hair.

I haven’t started using NouriTress yet, but this super comprehensive haircare system looks like it’s right up my alley! I’ll update you all on my NouriTress journey.

If you’ve used NouriTress, tell me about your experience in the comments section! Now let me go wash my hair…

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