Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. It’s Worth It! #NeverUncomfortable #Sanuk

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” This is so true! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, you will absolutely miss out on opportunities by staying there!

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review (Must-Have Fitness Accessory)

I have a new favorite in the accessories department! It’s not a bag. It’s a heart rate monitor–Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor to be exact. Polar FT4 is my new accountability partner when it comes to pushing through workouts.

Don’t Worry. Stay Active + Protected #DemoDiaries [Sponsored]

Since your cycle can be such a routine thing, having the guaranteed protection is a priority. I mean, who really wants to be thinking about their cycle for those X amount of days. It comes, we handle it and carry on. With the U by Kotex Click tampons, going about your day couldn’t be any easier. It’s sleek, small, comes in cute packaging and is so easy to use.

What Songs Are on Your Workout Playlist?

While accountability gets me to the gym, it’s the music that helps me push through the workout. I have about 50 songs on my “Workout Plan” playlist, but I’m always looking to add more. So tell me, what are you favorite songs to work out to? What songs push you to burn those extra 50 calories?

No Awkward Conversation Necessary with Bedsider [Sponsored]

Alas, there is a way to get around embarrassing conversations and awkward preachy moments., with its cheeky PSAs and slightly humorous approach, seeks to remove the taboo of learning about a lady’s birth control options. The Bedsider site includes interactive guides, real stories, answers to frequently asked questions and the nitty gritty on every option imaginable–including “self-control.” Heck, even lets you sign up for pill, patch replacement and doctor’s appointment reminders!

Get Motivated via Yurbuds & Best Buy

Yurbuds headphones are ergonomically designed for comfort and exceptional fit, while providing best-in-class audio quality and durability.

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