Fashionable iPhone 5 Cases

With new and improved features and a slimmer look, the record-breaking iPhone 5 has arrived! Whether you camped outside of an Apple Store for days, paid someone to camp out, or ordered online, you’re going to need new accessories for the iPhone 5. Most importantly, you will need a chic case to house and protect […]

Geek Chic | iPhone 4 Cases

[[iPhone 5 cases are HERE!]] So there’s been this massive hoopla with Apple and the new iPhone 4. From extremely limited stock to 3 week long waits — there is now this reception issue. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, announced last week that iPhone 4 users could sign up to receive free “bumpers” to alleviate the […]

Fashion Meets Function | iPhone Fashion Apps

As phones have become more than just a means of communication, Apple iPhone is bringing fashion to fingertips. Fashion houses, e-commerce sites, and websites have all developed applications making it easier for the fashion enthusiast shop and to learn more about the brands and products they love. Now it’s possible to have a stylish iPhone […]

Geek Chic | Colorful Cellphone Cases

Check out these Chic iPhone 4 cases > here For most people, their cell phone is their right hand man. With some phones functioning as mini computers, they are even more precious & admired. Like any relationship, you may need to add a little oomph to keep the spark between you & your phone alive. […]

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